Puppies were born on 27.03.2024






Helsinki von Sagramos Granit von Sagramos Get to the Point Devil Inside Destiny's Phoenix Highway To Hell
Get to The Point Berta
Eyes of An Angel of Hoffman House Alfa By The Sea
Carrie del Nasi
Lola del Naissus

Eutay del Nasi

Pride of Russia Taymir

Eureka del Nasi

Willa del Naissus

Tahi-Reme Max

Tahi-Reme Henna

Ella del Nasi
Tahi-Reme Zeus Tahi-Reme Max

Pride of Russia Ferro

Tahi-Reme Ginity
Tahi-Reme Jameeriah
Gangster Dandias de La Villa Valiano
Tahi-Reme Ginity
Diva del Nasi Zedor del Nasi Fedor del Nasi
Karma Kaja del Nasi
Juga del Nasi
Red Rascal del Fiorsilva

Gloria del Nasi


Breeder: Claudiu Crisan
Location: Romania
Phone: +40 72 244 5002
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.