Eutay del Nasi

Jackpotgirl vom Lehmansfelsen

IDC Sieger 2016
Caliandro winner 2018 - Best black male
HDK yearwinner 2017 (club winner, BOB)
Euro dog show Ukraine 2017 (working class Exc.1)
Europa club show Slovakia 2017 (class winner, Best male, BOB)
European all star dobermann grand prix 2017 (club winner)
AIAD J. Sieger 2016
Balkan youth winner
HDK youth winner
vWD clear
Cardio free

Candidate for Champion of Serbia
vice open class winner HDK 2018
IPO-1 in preparation
ZTP V1A /R.Killmayer/
HD-A /Germany/
ED-0 /Germany/
Cardio /ECG,Doppler,ECHO/ - free
Eyes - clear
Wobbler - free
Spondylosis - free



Puppies were born 06.10.2018


Some of them are still available

Promissing for the show, work and breeding, could be perfect family members

vWD-clear by parentage

Could be fully cropped
























Eutay del Nasi Pride of Russia Taymir Pride of Russia Sidor Fedor del Nasi
Sharon iz Zoosfery
Sharon iz Zoosfery Pimms Number One iz Doma Domeni
Mo de Stang Zu
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Zedor del Nasi

Fedor del Nasi
Karma Kaja del Nasi
Gloria del Nasi Gino Gomez del Citone
Wallis Niki of Tanderberg
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Pride of Russia Ferro

Tahi-Reme Ginity
Juga del Nasi Red Rascal del Fiorsilva
Gloria del Nasi
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Clara del Diamante Nero
Dobergaarden Forever Aicha

Fedor del Nasi

Lola di Altobello



Breeder: Ljevaja Milos "Regis Cane" kennel
Location: Serbia
Phone: WhatsApp, Viber +381637831759
Facebook: Ljevaja Milos
website: (under construction)
Instagram: @regiscanedobermann
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.