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born on 04.11.2012

Show results
IDC 2014 Exc 3 intermediate Class
World dog show 2015 Milano Exc 3 open class
Euro dog show Oslo 2015 Exc 3 open class
Luxembourg Trophy Show 2013 VP1 Puppy Trophy Winner
IDC 2013 Youth Class Exc
CACIB Luxembourg 03.2014 Exc 2 youth class
Luxembourg Trophy Show 2014 Exc 2 CAC.res intermediate class
Luxembourg Trophy Show 2015 Exc 2 CAC.res open class
IDC Porvoo 2015 exc open class
26.03.2016 - CACIB Kirchberg - Luxembourg Exc 2 CAC.res open class
17.07.2016 - Club Show - Mondorf-les-Bains - Luxembourg Exc 1 CAC working class
11.09.2016 - CACIB Luxembourg Exc 2 CAC.res working class
16-18.09.2016 - IDC 2016 - Masi di Cavalese - Italy Exc in working class (semifinal)
Health results
Dilute D/D - free
DNA Tested
PPM - free
RD - free
CEA - free
PRA - free
24-h-EKG-Holter and ultrasound in June 2016 - DCM-free
Work results










Dobergaarden Forever Athos
Fedor del Nasi
Baron Nike Renewal
Prinz v. Norden Stamm
Borana Karmen Sawages
Akuna Matata de Grande Vinko Tigr iz Slavnoi Stai
Ak-Yar Andromeda
Lola di Altobello
Rainbow di Altobello Master Max of Djarmati
Barracuda di Altobello
Wild Cherry di Altobello
Baron Nike Renewal
Ela Esmeralda Betelges
Amazing Grace di Altobello Master Max of Djarmati

Babilon del Mediano

Gino Gomez del Citone
Tahi-Reme Wally
Honey Moon Woodoo Majesty Casanova Altobello
Anabel Tea Ginga House
Elena Enigma di Altobello Icaro di Villa Castelli
Antheus v.d Araceli
Cesareus Borabora
Nadja Nikita di Altobello Playboy di Altobello
Berta Dobson



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