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born 18.01.2010

International Champion
Champion of UK
Champion of Ireland
Champion of Luxembourg
Champion of Netherlands
Champion of San Marino
Champion of Cyprus
Champion of Montenegro
Champion of Macedonia
Champion of Moldova
Grand Champion of Cyprus
Grand Champion of Montenegro
Grand Champion of Moldova
DVIN KCM Netherlands ClubWinner 2013
Eurodogshow Winner (BOB) 50th Kortrijk Belgium 2013
Junior Champion of Ireland
Luxembourg Baby Trophy Winner 2010
BISS  Winner (x 4)
7 x Group Winner (All-Breed Championship Show)
H/D: A
Heart Troponin 0.01 (normal)
Cardio, Echo, Doppler & 24 hour Holter exam on 29/01/2015, at Cheva, Maison Alfort Paris
Show results

12x C.A.C.I.B. (France, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Slovenia)
4x CC's (UK) - Judge Breed Specialist: Mr Thord Bystrom (Sweden)
Judge Breed Specialist Mr Joel Vanlerberghe (Belgium),
Judge Breed Specialist Mr Arthur Senior (UK),
Judge Breed Specialist Marete Dalgaard (Denmark)
25x Green Stars
22x Best of Breed
8x CACs (Netherlands) & DVIN KCM Netherlands ClubWinner 2013
BEST IN SHOW N.I. Dobermann Club Championship Show 2013 , Judge Marete Dalgaard (Denmark)
BEST IN SHOW DVIN KCM (Netherlands) ClubWinner Championship Show 2013
BEST IN SHOW Winner (UK) The UK Dobermann Club Championship Show May 2013 (131 Dobermanns)
BEST IN SHOW Winner N.I. Dobermann Club Show May 2013
BOB 50th EurodogShow Kortrijk, Belgium 2013 Judge Breed Specialist Mr Dedy Tjahjono (Ind)
BOB & GROUP WINNER INTERNATIONAL PARIS DOG SHOW 2014 Judge: Breed Judge Breed Specialist Dr. Andi Hudono (Ind), Group Judge Mr P. Harysani (Hungry)  * (First Dobermann to ever  WIN the GROUP at INT Paris Dog Show)*
GROUP WINNER at Bray All Breed Championship Show, 2014, Breed & Group Judge Mr  Roland Spörr (Austria)
GROUP WINNER at Kilkenny  All Breed Championship Show,  2014, Breed Judge: Mr V. Parmiciano (Italy), Group Judge Mr D. Timmins (Irl)
GROUP WINNER  Flins-Sur-Seine All Breed Championship Show France,  2014,  Judge M Giovanni (France)
GROUP WINNER at Combined Canine All Breed INTERNATIONAL Championship Show, Judge Breed Specialist Mr J Naveda Carrero (SPAIN), 2012
GROUP WINNER at Chateauroux INTERNATIONAL Show, France, 2012, Judge M. B. Thevenon (France)
GROUP  WINNER Cork & District All Breed Championship Show, 2012 Breed Judge Breed Specialist  Ms. Suncica Lazic (Serbia),  Group Judge Mrs N. Clarke (Irl)
Best in Show 4, Cork & District All Breed Champ Show,  2012 (Judge Mr. S. Minogue)
BEST MALE & RBIS Dobermann Club Show UK, 2012 (150 dogs)
7 x Group Winner (All Breed Championship Show)
1 x Group 2 (All Breed Championship Show)
2 x Group 3 (All Breed Championship Show)
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - DCF Regional - Malestroit 08/10
Luxembourg Baby Trophy Winner 07/10
Some other wins include
EX 1 Ch Class, C.A.C.I.B., BOB, Amiens International Show France Judge Mr. Cristian Stefanescu (R)
Ex 1 Ch Class, Green Star Dog &  BOB, South Tipp Championship Show- Judge  Breed Specialist Jose Tomás Delgado Cabezas (Spain)
Ex 1 Ch Class CAC, C.A.C.I.B., BOB at Outdoor Uden International Show Netherlands, Judge: Dhr D. Baars (NL)
Ex 1 Int Class  Green Star Dog, BOB  Judge Dr. M. Inzoli (Italy)
Ex 1 Ch Class  Green Star Dog, BOB at Sligo & DCC,  Judge Mr. E Wieldraaijer (NL)
Ex 1 Ch Class Green Star Dog,  BOB, Navan Ch Show, Judge Mr J Henderson (Irl)
EX 1 CH Class, CAC, C.A.C.I.B.,BOB Goes INTERNATIONAL Show, Netherlands under Judge Mr Liet, '12
EX 1 CH Class,G.S./CAC , C.A.C.I.B & BOB, Fermoy INTERNATIONAL Show, under Judge Mr A Mckinlay (Zambia)  '12
BEST IN SHOW - N.I. Dobermann Club Show,  2013, Judge Breed Specialist Mrs M Young (UK) (Malibray)
Dog CC, BEST IN SHOW, The UK Dobermann Club Show,  2013, Dog Judge Arthur Senior, BEST IN SHOW both Arthur & Glynice Senior (UK)
Ex 1 Ch Class, Green Star Dog , BOB, Swords CH Show, 2013, Judge Mr. Claudio C. De Giuliani (Italy)  
Dog CC, BEST IN SHOW, N.I Dobermann Club Championship Show, 2013, Judge Nreed Specialist Merete Dalgaard (Denmark)
Ex 1 Ch Class, CAC, CACIB, BOB Eurodogshow Kortijk Belgium, 2013 Breed Specialist Judge, Mr Dedy Tjahjono Indonesia
Ex 1 Ch Class, CACIB, BOB, & GROUP WINNER International Paris Dog Show  Dobermann Special 2014  Judge Breed Specialist Mr Andi Hudono (Indonesia) & GROUP WINNER judge Mr. P. Harysani (Hungary)