Granit von Sagramos
Hells N'Angel Night Fever

International Champion
Romanian Champion
Ukrainian Champion
Moldovian Champion
Moldovian Grand Champion
Champion of Montenegro
Champion of Serbia
Champion of Kosovo
Champion of Bessarabia
Champion of Balkans
Champion of Mediterranean
9x BOB, 7x CACIB, 2x BOS, 2x R.CACIB
HDK Show 2017 - V-ce Working Class Winner
(M. Dalgaard)
AIAD 2017 - Excellent (H. Wiblishauser)
HDK November 2017 - V-ce Working Class Winner
(M. Bedekovic)
Specialty Show in Montenegro Working Class Winner
(W. Soedharman)
DCR Show 2018 Working Class Winner
(B. Petkovic)
Galaxy Winner 2019 Working Class Winner
(G. Ehrenreich)
DCR Show October 2019 Working Class Winner
(M. Bedekovic)
Eyes diseases-free
Holter 24h - normal - August 2019

Junior Champion Romania
Junior Champion Kosovo
Champion Romania
Champion Ukraine
Candidates for Hungarian and Slovakian Champion
09.18 DCR Junior Club Winner Petkovic
10.19 DCR Working Class Winner Bedekovic
11.19 HDK Working Class Winner J. Grados
2x Best Junior, CACIB, 2 x BOB, BOS
VWD clear
Eyes clear
BH / IGP 1







Puppies were born on 12.04.2020


We have 3 black males, 3 black females, 5 brown males and 2 brown male






Granit von Sagramos
Get to the Point Devil Inside Destiny's Phoenix Highway To Hell Mitto del Nasi
Hazy Dream de Grande Vinko
Get to The Point Berta Sant Kreal Zeus
Eyes of An Angel of Hoffman House

Alfa By The Sea

Trotyl De Black Shadow
Sienna Betelges
Carrie del Nasi Questo Betelges
Karma Kaja del Nasi
Hells N'Angel Night Fever Marienburg's Dutch Romeo Sant Kreal Estrong

Pride of Russia Sidor

Sergius Aleksandrija Fabula
Marienburg's The Rose Tattoo Marienburg's Repo Man
Marienburg's Montana Red
Celtic Chelsea v. Jahrestal Mitto del Nasi Prinz Paris v. Jahrestal
Wallis Niki of Tanderberg
Tigris Lewan v. Jahrestal

Livonija Baron Hiero Hieronimus

Priness Phiola v. Jahrestal


Breeder: Kai Nickerl
Location: Satu Mare, Romania
Phone: +49 157 56998665
Facebook: Kai Nickerl
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.